Living the Elemental Life

You care about your family's health. You seek to provide a lifestyle free from illness, balanced with the world around you, able to experience all the wonder of life. The truth is..... this life is more available than most people realize. The ancient wisdom of our grandmothers is now being rekindled and prepared in a way that only the purest of the ancient healers would approve. You are the reason we exist, and the urgency of your journey becomes our passion to continue. Welcome to the Elemental Family.

  • Becoming the hero of your family's health journey doesn't have to be overwhelming. Elemental Life's Learning Center provides the resources you need and

    the simplicity you deserve.

  • Need a recipe for dinner tonight? Does someone in the family have a runny nose? Take the simple approach and follow our BLOG and Social Media for steady discussion and inspiration from the Elemental Family of Families.

  • Everything that you find here has been researched, grown and manufactured in a way that is to empower you to be the leader of your family's health. You can find detailed information for each ingredient in our products so you don't have to wonder what you're giving your family.

The People behind the Elements

The Lolley Family

Greg and Carole Lolley are the founders of Mayim Farm, a holistic medicinal farm located in Crenshaw County, Alabama. Greg and Carole are certified Master Gardeners and have completed research studies for multiple universities. The Lolleys have hosted teachings in organic farming, natural remedies, and healthy food practices at their farm for several years. Greg is a natural lecturer while Carole is a faithful blogger, passing on their experiences to those who desire a healthy life. They are passionate about cooperating with nature as our ancestors did, and they never miss an opportunity to share their wisdom with others.

More about Greg & Carole

The Pendleton Family

Jake and Hannah Pendleton are naturalists and entrepreneurs located in Coffee County, Alabama. They have combined experience in dietary counseling, registered nursing, and strategic management for the United States House of Representatives. Hannah graduated from the University of Florida with studies in Communications, while Jake received his degree in Applied Sciences in Alabama. Their passion is to present the wisdom of their ancestors in a way that benefits those around them.

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